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Nicholson Lake Road RV Park Rules & Regulations

Quiet Hours are 10pm to 6am.

Reservations/ Check-in /Cancellations:
 Full payment due upon move-in; $25 insufficient funds check.
 $25 cancellation fee.
 Cancellation must be made 14 days prior to the arrival date to receive refund of the amount
paid for the non-refundable deposit.
 Only camping credits will be given for cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the
arrival date minus the non-refundable deposit.
 Nicholson Lake Road RV Park determines requests for special refunds or credits made in
case of emergency circumstances claimed with full proof in writing.
 $15 daily late fee will be applied every day after the due date of payment and will continue
until full payment is received.
 NO refunds for any reason.
 All guests must register with the office
 We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
 Nicholson Lake Road RV Park management must approve any RV 10 years and older prior
to making reservations.
 NO RV deemed to be in “poor” condition (broken or cracked windows, flat tires, rusted, badly
dented, or in need of paint) will be allowed in.
 NO cargo trailers, living quarter trailers, and cab-over truck campers are allowed.
 All pets must be stated and approved by the management upon check-in.
 Personal golf carts and side by sides (limit 1) must be registered upon check-in with proof of
 Site occupancy is assigned at check-in.
 Sites must be free of garbage and any debris when checking out. If site is left unclean an
additional $300 cleanup fee will be charged.

Check-in: NOON  Check-out: 11 AM
 All guests must leave by 10pm or pay an additional charge.

General Rules:

  • All posted traffic signs must be obeyed, and the posted speed limit is 5mph and is strictly enforced. After two warnings there will be loss of driving privileges on the property. This applies to guest as well.

  • Owners & management suggest tenants to provide their own 30/50 amp GFCI receptacle to protect their trailer; if the tenant chooses not to, the tenant releases Nicholson Lake Road

  • RV Park and representatives from all liability for any damages.

  • RV's may utilize either 30 amp or 50 amp service. NOT BOTH

  •  NO loud parties, excessive noise, big groups, or large gatherings are tolerated. 

  • NO soliciting, peddling, loitering, trespassing, or trading allowed on the park.

  •  Treat your neighbors and management with respect. Respect guests’ privacy by not walking through occupied sites.

  •  NO criminal activity or drug-related activity in or near the RV park will be tolerated

  •  The current renter may not sublet RV, and if sold or given to someone else, the RV must be
    removed immediately.

  •  NO grease, shop towels, plastics, disposable wipes put in sewers.

  •  Children are to be supervised by a parent or guardian at ALL times.

  •  Hazardous materials or foreign chemicals, including grease, cleaners, paint thinners, or batteries shall be discarded properly and not anywhere on the property.

  • Do NOT pour any substances onto grounds, especially near or around tree roots in order to preserve the health and beauty of the park.

  • Do NOT flush anything in toilets other than the toilet paper.

  •  Keep building doors closed at all times.

  •  No disposal of large items such as mattresses in the dumpsters. All cardboard boxes should be broken down. Please do not leave trash on the ground.

Three Strike Rule:
Third warning for the same violation, either verbal or written, you will be required to leave the

Parking and Vehicles: 

 2 vehicle limit on each site plus your RV. They must fit within your site dimensions and NOT

on empty sites No Parking on Grass. Any vehicle after the permitted two will be
charged $25 a month.
 All vehicles parked illegally are subjected to being towed and/or locked and fined $50
 All vehicles including RV must have current registration, inspections, and license plates.
 All vehicles must be in operational condition.
 NO type of mechanical repair, weather to a vehicle, or RV is allowed.
 Extra vehicles must be parked in designated areas.
 After two (2) warnings not to park or drive thru grass you will be given a fine of $15 a
day to go towards repairing the yard. If the yard is messed up larger than 4’x4’ then we
will inspect the damages.

  • All vehicles must be registered and have a license plate. Any tenant whose vehicles that is parked illegally or in violation of the parks policies will be asked kindly to remove the vehicle from the park. If the tenant fails to remove the vehicle or meet park policies and legal requirements the tenant will be required to leave the park along with all property.

 Site Appearance:

  •  Do NOT litter. Dispose of garbage in the dumpsters. Do NOT throw personal garbage in restrooms, laundry, or other building trashcans.

  •  Large trashcans are not allowed on your space.

  •  Do NOT leave cigarette butts lying around the park.

  • NO large steps or porches of any size unless approved by the management.

  •  NO digging or erecting poles without approval by the management.

  •  Texas Law requires that a sewer hose must be fastened using a threaded connector or rubber donut.

  • Only customary outdoor patio/lawn furniture and accessories may be left outside.

  •  Tools, toys, fishing gear, and other such items must be stored within RV.

  • Larger outdoor items including but not limited to: kayaks, paddleboards, boating equipment, must be organized and neatly stored under the RV to conceal these stored items and maintain the site aesthetic.

  •  Please close awnings, canopies, and umbrellas when RV is unattended in case of potentially strong winds.

  • It must be clean & neat looking at every site.

  • You may purchase at your cost step pavers to walk on to your camper and vehicle.

  • No wood crates, wood tables, plywood, etc. shall be lying in the yard. We have picnic tables that will replace wood tables.

  • You will be giving one (1) warning to correct this. If you do not make the correction then a 2nd notice will be given and a fine of $25 per day will be applied. After three (3) days of non compliance you will be asked to leave the property, pay your fines, and not allowed to return to the park.​

  • All RV's must be maintained and repaired within 2 weeks of damage. This includes but is not limited to septic. water leaks, busted pipes, broken windows. After 2 weeks if the damages are not repaired the resident will be asked to leave the park.

 Pet Rules:

  • Only pets that have been approved by management and belong to registered RV guests are allowed on the property.

  •  Wildlife/farm animals are not considered pets and are NOT allowed.

  •  Pets must be on a leash and with their owner at all times when outside, NO exceptions.

  • Pets cannot be tied outdoors and left unattended. 

  • Owners MUST pick up after their pets. Do NOT allow pets to go to other sites to do their business.

  • Aggressive behavior or uncontrolled barking by pet will not be allowed if deemed a “problem.”

  • The pet owner is solely responsible for any damage done to persons or property by the pet.

  •  There is a maximum of two (2) pets allowed per site unless approved by management. Each pet is subject to management approval and their status is continually evaluated based on history and potential concerns. Pets must always be kept under the care and control of their owners and NOT allowed to be unleashed or to roam the premises. Pet owners shall be responsible for clean-up and disposal of pet waste. There is a $50.00 fine for not cleaning up after pet. Pets shall not be left outside when leaving the premises. Copies of vaccination records must be kept on file. Pets that are not fully vaccinated will not be permitted onsite.​

Guest Property:

 Nicholson Lake Road RV Park is a service-oriented business. Therefore, we do not have a

tenant/landlord relationship with any guest.

 Management and Nicholson Lake Road RV Park is not responsible for loss or damage to

any guest’s property due to theft, vandalism, fire, accidents, acts of God or any other

casualties. Nicholson Lake Road RV Park assumes all loss or damage be covered by his or

her own insurance.

 Any customer or guest destroying/damaging the park or other customer’s property will be

required to make restitution.

 If your RV has an electrical problem creating a problem with the park electric and a certified

electrician has to be called you will be responsible for the cost of the electrician’s service

call and damages.

 All guest utilities used to connect to the park should be in good working condition. No holes,

leaks, or exposed wires to water, electric, or septic. If management sees a concern, you will

be notified and will have 24 hours to correct the problem or management will correct the

problem at guest’s expense.

 We do not repair/work on RV’s. To help prevent further damage to our property, not to

overuse our water, and/or increase the electricity. We include electricity in our monthly lot

rent; however, if your

“problem” becomes the RV parks “problem” due to lack of maintenance or improper

maintenance you will be charged accordingly.

 We understand that there are accidents. 1 st time warning, 2 nd time warning, 3 rd time

warning and a fee of $50 to cover the loss of water and electricity.

Laundry Room:

 Use of laundry room is for registered guests ONLY.

 NO smoking inside

Courtney’s Bathhouse: 

 Use of restrooms/showers is restricted to registered guests and their visitors. 

 Personal belongings may not be stored or left behind. All such items left behind will be


 NO smoking inside

Jeremy’s Pond:

 No swimming or fishing in the pond.

 Do NOT chase or harass wildlife.

Nicholson Lake Road RV Park reserves the right to charge guests accordingly for any

damages they cause to the grounds and/or facilities, including but not limited to broken water


damaged sewer, and damaged cable/internet lines.

Nicholson Lake Road RV Park reserves the right to alter or modify any of the rules and

regulations in the best interest of all participants with fairness.

Management’s decisions in all disputes are deemed final.

Additionally, management reserves all rights to terminate guests’ stay for any reason.

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