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About us..............

Chappell Hill has been home to our family for years. The land here is beautiful; it also is peaceful and quiet. My husband and I have wanted more out of life for years but we also wanted to give back. Opening this RV park was the way to do that. Our family has a strong sense of community and a desire to give back to others. We are very family-oriented and hope to give you an idea of what it is like to live where we have lived for so long. None of this came easy, there were often times when we thought this was only going to be a dream. However, through all the trials and tribulations we made it happen. We are known as the Gurka's, and this is our home, we welcome all, and anyone who stays here is treated like family.

My husband and I married in 1999. My husband and I worked hard to get where we are now and he has worked all over the world for 20+ years in order to provide for our family. Every parent's dream is a better life for their kids so we preached the importance of education to our kids in hope that they live a better life than we did. We did not want them to have to work as hard as we did for so long. So in doing all this it was our dream to leave behind a legacy for our family that we built. Our hope is that it remains in our family for generations to come and brings them and their families together.

We have three lovely children and four awesome grandkids. 


Our oldest Courtney and her husband Matt, are both graduates of Texas A&M.  They have two wonderful daughters and live in Houston.

Our middle daughter Cori is a graduate of Sam Houston.  She has our two awesome grandsons.  I am sure you will see them around the campground site.

Our baby boy is not much of a baby; however he is a college student at Texas A&M  You will also see him popping in out of the camp grounds while helping out.


This is a family affair.  If you stay here for very long I am sure you will meet all of our family members.  We hope that you feel welcomed and at home.  

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